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you have our undivided attention.®you. are. unique.®you. will. build.®

welcome to santamaria therapy, an intensive therapeutic service dedicated to your bespoke clinical needs.

Our practice was born out of the vision and dedication of Ray Santamaria, LMFT, and Stacey Santamaria, LMFT, an experienced  husband-and-wife clinical team. With several decades of combined experience in mental health, trauma, and addiction, we have identified a critical need for more attentive and tailor-made therapeutic services, giving rise to Santamaria Therapy.

Licensed to provide services in California, Nevada, and Texas.

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our distinctive approach.

Ray and Stacey Santamaria have historically crafted bespoke treatment services for those needing more than the common, traditional models of care. In contrast to conventional programs, Santamaria Therapy offers a customized Intensive Therapy Service meticulously designed to cater to your specific needs. We understand the needs of each individual, and by deliberately limiting our client base, we ensure that you receive unparalleled attention and care.

here, you. are. unique.®
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what we offer.

Santamaria Therapy revolves around delivering highly personalized, collaborative care. Our Intensive Therapy Service is meticulously designed to fill the void between traditional treatment approaches and your individual requirements. At Santamaria therapy, we are committed to delivering an exceptional therapeutic experience.

here, you have our undivided attention.®
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about us.

Ray and Stacey have been partners in both business and life since 2002, residing in West Los Angeles with their two teenage daughters and their cherished beagle, Cisco. This profound commitment to each other and their family seamlessly extends to their practice, where they create a nurturing and supportive environment for every client.

here, you. will. build.®
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Licensed to provide services in California, Nevada, and Texas.

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